Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

About 50% of our business is commercial carpet cleaning, making us one of the most experience commercial carpet cleaning companies in the Peoria area for the last 15 years.

Our commercial carpet cleaning customers include those with:

  • offices and office buildings
  • rental properties
  • restaurants
  • apartments

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Realtors and Property Managers

How a home, apartment or condo looks and smells is an important part of the staging, that can make a difference on how fast it sells. Whether you are preparing a property for sale or a rental for new tenants, we will work with you to provide thorough, professional and on-time commercial carpet cleaning services.

Bring back that glow and sparkle that the property originally had with our time-tested carpet cleaning method. We also work with Realtors and property managers for water damage restoration and have 24/7 emergency service available when you need them.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Office, Retail, or Industrial Buildings

The floors of your business in general are exposed to a lot of traffic and wear and tear. It may be normal “foot traffic,” or the specialized nature of your business may bring extra dirt or soil into your work environment.

The professional team at Hoerr Carpet Cleaning and Water Restoration can create a customized cleaning schedule for your business. Whether your need is weekly, monthly, or some other time period, you can be assured that we will keep your business sparkling clean. This, in turn will continue to create a great experience for your customers and employees.

The dirtier the carpets are, our motto “stay until the job is finished” comes into play. Find out what our customers have to say about how we continue to excel at commercial carpet cleaning services.